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Story: The Strange Old Woman [Season 1 – Episode 1-4]

The Strange Old Woman Episode 1

The Strange Old Woman Episode 1 – 4

Title: The Strange Old Woman

Season – 1

Episodes – 4

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Episode 1


I am John, a young guy of 26 years living in Akwa Ibom State. Life has not been favourable since the day I finish my secondary education, it has been from one worst situation to another.

After my secondary education, I wrote jamb in preparation to further my education. I secured admission in the University of Calabar to study Communication Art.

Few months after my name was out on the admission list, during my admission  processing to be precise, my dad lost his job and my mum little income could not feed the family and sponsor me in school at the same time, so I had no option than to halt my admission processing and to boycott the admission.

I felt bad because I had inform my friends  about my educational progress and they all congratulated me and wish me success, how will I now counter the good news with a bad one, but I summon courage to share the bad news with them, the same way I did in the good news.

Months pass and I was slowly recovering from the dilemma when mum called me to the sitting room where she was sitting with my dad. One of the things they discuss was their plan for me to learn handwork.

They said that I can still go back to school when am done with the training and when I get my own shop and money adding that white collar job is very hard to find in the present situation the country is into.

After few days of thinking, I inform them that I want to learn electrical wiring. What made me choose the handwork was passion for it since childhood. I like connecting wires together to produce light with the help of microphone or touch light battery.

I was handed over to Mr. Mike whom they had earlier met after the day I told them what I was interested in learning. Mr. Mike is one of the best electrical engineer in my local government, his electrical work is always satisfying because he will use the best materials and will commit his time and knowledge for the work but his boys will never stay till the end because of the way he maltreat them.

I asked mum why they didn’t find another person having heard how he maltreat his boys but mum said they wanted the best for me that’s why they decided to meet one of the best person that can mould me to become the best. They advice me to be enduring and patient, never to over react as nothing good come easy. 

I started the 2 years work enduring all his ill conduct until the day he did his worst.

The Strange Old Woman Episode 1-4

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