Mrs. Jones had 1 4/8 pizzas left after a party. After giving some to Gary, she had 7/8 pizza left. What fraction of a pizza did she give Gary?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Mrs. Jones gave 5/8 of the pizza to Gary.Step-by-step explanation:We are given that Mrs. Jones had [tex]1\frac{4}{8}[/tex] pizzas left from which she gave some to Gary.Now that she is left with [tex]\frac{7}{8}[/tex] pizza left, we are to find the fraction of the pizza she gave to Gary.Assuming [tex]x[/tex] to be the fraction she gave to Gary, we can write it as:[tex]1\frac{4}{8} - x = \frac{7}{8}[/tex] = 5/8