A right triangle has one side, s, and a hypotenuse of 12 meters. Find the area of the triangle as a function of s.A) A(s) = 2s 144 - s2B) A(s) = s 144 - s2C) A(s) = 2s 12 - s2D) A(s) = 12s 144 - s210) The base of a ladder is placed 5 feet away from a 13 foot tall wall. What is the minimum length ladder needed to reach the top of the wall (rounded to the nearest foot)?A) 12 ft B) 13 ft C) 14 ft D) 15 ft

Accepted Solution

A(s) equals 1/2 s square root of 144 minus s squared.. As s and r are the sides and the area of the triangle are 1/2(s)(r)